Satellite SOS: Next Life Saving Feature coming to Google Pixel

New safety feature adding to Google Pixel i.e Satellite SOS. We’ve seen many life saving features on Pixel. Car crash detection saved many lives. Later every other smartphone company added this feature to their devices. This time another life saving feature adding to Google Pixel Safety and Emergencey. 

Satellite SOS

This feature is similar to Other satellite emergency features. You can message or contact emergency services when you can;t connect to mobile or Wi-Fi network.

You can even share location too.

Satellite SOS turns on when you don’t have a mobile network you’ll see an option to use satellite SOS.

You’ll be able to call emergency services using Satellite connection and answer few questions and you’ll be connected to emergency services.

This feature is spotted in Google News Telegram channel. We may expect the rollout soon. We don’t know which pixel devices are getting this feature and this feature may initially launch in limited countries.

By Harish Reddy

Iam a huge fan of Google Pixel.The love towards pixel made me a part of this community.I write content on this blog regarding Google Pixel camera,updates,troubleshooting,beta updates and more..

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