Google Pixel Fold 2 likely to launch in Google IO 2024, Will it Launch in India?

Google launched Pixel fold in Google IO 2023. The fold 1 didn’t launched in India but there are high chances for fold 2 launch in India. 

Google Pixel fold 2 will be launched in May 2024. This time there are many new changes and improvements.

The 1st gen fold had many innovative features but it has some shortcomings compared to other foldables. Pixel fold 2 will be launched with more innovative specs and new features. Let’s look at some leaks regarding fold 2.

New Camera Bar

fold 2
Pixel fold 2

According to latest renders of Pixel fold 2 from Onleaks and Smartprix it has new style of Square camera bar. 

Thinner Fold 2

This time pixel fold 2 is more thinner and squarer. According to leaks the phone measures 155.2 x 150.2 x 5.27 mm when unfolded and when folded it’s 155.2 x 77.1 x 10.54 mm. It’s thinner than galaxy fold 6 leaks. 

Coming to display it’s 6.4 inch on front and inner screen is 7.9inch. 

Tensor G4 or Tensor G3

According to leaks Pixel fold 2 will be launched with tensor G4 but if it’s true the fold 2 will arrive in October alongside Pixel 9 series. 

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