What is Adaptive Sound on Google Pixel

Google launched Adaptive sound as a feature drop in December 2020.You’ll atleast need Pixel 4a(5G) to use this feature.

Adaptive sound improves the sound quality based on your Surroundings.It uses the microphone to access the acoustics near you and adjusts the equalizer accordingly.Your pixel will adapt to your environment.

I love these Adaptive features on Google Pixel.We have Adaptive Battery,Adaptive connectivity,Adaptive Charging,Adaptive Sound and more..

How to turn on Adaptive Sound

Follow these steps to enable Adaptive Sound.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Goto to Sound & Vibration
  3. Click on Adaptive Sound
  4. Enable Adaptive Sound

Note-Adaptive Sound may be less noticeable at higher volumes.This feature works from Pixel 4a(5G) to Pixel 8 Pro.

By Harish Reddy

Iam a huge fan of Google Pixel.The love towards pixel made me a part of this community.I write content on this blog regarding Google Pixel camera,updates,troubleshooting,beta updates and more..

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