Pixel 7a heating issues fixed with Android 14

Pixel 7a heating issues fixed with android 14 update.Everyone complaining about heating issues with Pixel devices.Pixel 7a launched in may 2023.This time big upgrade in A Series.Pixel 7a is powered with Tensor G2 and also supports wireless charging.90hz display is amazing with good colors.I love pixel density of these displays.

Coming to heating issues.

Why everyone complaining about Heating on Pixel 7a?

Pixel 7a heating issues fixed with Android 14
Pixel 7a heating issues fixed with Android 14

When the Pixel 7a embargo lifted, many videos surfaced on youtube.Majority of creators complained about heating issues and Battery.Pixel 7a had heating issues with android 13 that doesn’t bother the phone it works very normal and it was fixed now.

I don’t know why aren’t anyone posting videos about the fix.Everybody complained about heating just after the launch but no one posted a video after the fix.Im using Pixel 7a from september 10th i didn’t faced any heating issues the phone just warms up that’s it.

Update in January 2024

This is my update on Pixel 7A Heating issue. I’ve Updated to Android 14 QPR Beta and heating issues are completely fixed. My Pixel 7A sometimes warms up at heavy usage i edit some videos on it, Sometimes gaming.


I’m getting 7 hrs of screen on time(on 5G) with 7A and the phone lasts till the day end.These people doesn’t even know that pixel uses Adaptive Battery it takes some time for the phone to learn your usage

Based on your usage it balances the usage,performance and screen time.You need to charge the pixel at the start of your day,it’s not like you charged 100% and the phone should last 2-3 days,nope it’s not with pixels.


I saw some youtube videos where they’re complaining that tensor G2 used on Pixel 7A is not original and it’s underclocked.This is completely false and they’re measuring performance by just playing BGMI,PubG and some multiplayer games but one thing to clarify performance is not about gaming it depends on lot of factors.I processed 14-15 videos in capcut and VN editor simultaneously i don’t faced any performance drop.There are many factors to decide performance it’s not just limited to gaming.

That’s all for today I’ll keep posting updates with Pixel 7A make sure to follow our blog and if you are using Pixel 7A post your issues and problems with the device post it on Pixel 7A forum.

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