I enabled Jio True 5G Unlimited High Speed Internet Plan on Pixel 6A : Here’s How

Recently Jio launched 5g coverage in India starting with some selected areas. So Jio, a telecommunication provider, initiated a new offer known as Welcome Offer. In this offer users who are in the coverage of Jio 5G are now eligible for the unlimited 5G internet trial offer. However, this offer is only applicable to the handsets which can support 5G internet connectivity (obviously).

My Google Pixel 6A easily meets the jio 5g eligibility criteria because this phone is compatible with the 5G Internet as it includes Samsung’s 5G modem GX7AS Chip.

How to get Jio true 5G Welcome Offer Invitation for unlimited 5G internet 

Make sure you have an ongoing jio plan worth Rs.239 or above in my case i bought rs.398 Jio Value pack. 

Steps to unveil True Jio 5G Unlimited Trial on Google Pixel 6A : 

  1. Install MyJio App connect  to the internet
  2. Press on check read 5G readiness and wait 
  3. My Jio app performs some test a quick one 
  4. And there you go
  5. Now you are eligible 

And in my case i got rejected in the Jio 5G Welcome offer test 

Here’s what i did 

  • Make sure you are in the Jio’s prescribed area if you in the mentioned zone so follow
  • Select preferred Network as 5G in Network settings.
  • Check if you are on jio plan worth Rs.239 or above 
  • If you have any software updates hit install immediately 
  • Now wait for sometime and do this 

Even if you did all the steps that are mentioned above then Try to move to a different and new location doing i instantly got the Jio True 5G Unlimited Internet Plan.

I’ve got a notification saying that my device is now eligible for the Jio Welcome Offer 

And the 5G internet speeds are Insane on an avg even with low signal strength pixel 6A is receiving speed of 250 MBPS. with full strength the 5G Internet speeds are 600 MBPS.

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