Pixel 8a to get 7 years of security updates

Google Pixel 8a launching on May 14. In Google IO 2024 search giant will launch it’s budget lineup of Pixel i.e Pixel 8a. 

Let’s take a look at the specs of Pixel 8a

This time in Pixel 8a it’s Tensor G3 which holds all the AI capabilities of Pixel 8 series. Compared to Pixel 7A the 8A will be faster and loaded with AI features. With curved edges, Sleek design and horizontal camera bar the 8a is identical to Pixel 8. 

We may expect the actua display in the 8A with 120hz refresh rate. 

4800mAh battery and wireless charging support.

All these specs are already out but we got one interesting update regarding the software support of Pixel 8A.

Google Pixel 8A will get 7 Years of Security Support

According to the latest leaks Pixel 8a will receive 7 years of security updates. Pixel 8 series are already on 7 years support period now 8a joins the club.

We may expect all the future pixels will get 7 years of software support.

Price of Pixel 8a may increase it’s expected to be available between 45k-47k INR on Flipkart.

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