Google Pixel December 2023 Feature Drop

December 2023 Feature drop update rolled out for eligible pixel devices.This update contains a lot of new features.The update rolled out from Pixel 5a to Pixel 8 Pro.Pixel 8 pro got lot of new AI based updates and as promised google rolled out Night Sight video and video boost feature to Pixel 8 Pro.Here are the more details regarding update.

December 2023 Feature Drop

  1. Summarize in Recorder

This feature is exclusive to Pixel 8 pro which summarizes the entire recording on device.

  1. Smart Reply in Gboard

Smart replies are automatic this time and exclusive to Pixel 8 pro.The smart replies are also included in Gboard in other social apps like whatsapp.This feature uses AI.

  1. Video Boost with Night Sight 

These are the features we’ve already seen during the keynote and as promised they rolled out to Pixel 8 pro.

  1. Night Sight in Time Lapse 

Now we can record timelapse with night sight.

  1. Portrait Light

This feature allows us to adjust the portrait lighting.We can adjust it in Edit section of Google Photos for any of the photos.

  1. Photo Unblur upgrades

Not only human faces we can also unblur the pet photos too.This feature is also available in edit section of Google Photos.

  1. Dual Screen Preview

Dual screen preview only available to Pixel fold

  1. Device as a webcam

Now we can use Pixel as Webcam.After connecting Pixel to Laptop or Pc just tap on use as webcam under USB settings on Pixel.

  1. Repair Mode

Most Awaited feature Which is very useful during Repair or Servcice.This feature is to privacy related i.e while handing over our pixel to repair or service all we need to do is enable repair mode which hides all of our data and installed apps.

There are some other features too.Here is a list of features that are available for each pixel after December 2023  feature drop.

December 2023 Feature drop-Device Wise details

Google Pixel December 2023 Feature Drop
Google Pixel December 2023 Feature Drop

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