Screen Record only Specific Apps on Pixel with Android 14

Now you can screen record specific apps on your Pixel with Android 14.We usually screen record and while switching between apps or showcase the home screen all the data will be visible we need to hide or blur them later.If other apps got recorded we need to edit them later.With Android 14 You can screen record specific apps.  

When you tap on screen record select the single app and all your apps will be popped up including your recent tabs.

screen record single app
screen record single app

Now tap on the app you want to screen record and after recording starts.

Only the app selected will be recorded rest of the screen record will be erased after processing.

Note-This feature is currently on Android 14 beta.It’ll be rolled out to public versions soon.To try this feature you’ll atleast need pixel 5a with Android 14 beta.

By Harish Reddy

Iam a huge fan of Google Pixel.The love towards pixel made me a part of this community.I write content on this blog regarding Google Pixel camera,updates,troubleshooting,beta updates and more..

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