Pixel 8 Pro Camera got new feature-Pro Controls like DSLR

Finally we got the most awaited feature to Pixel 8 Pro camera.The Pixel 8 Pro now supports pro controls like DSLR where one can customise ISO,Shutter Speed,Focus,White Balance and many more..

As we all know Pixel computational photography is just amazing.Since the pixel one google never disappointed pixel users in terms of camera quality.Photos captured on pixel still impress every user after  the end result.It processes photos just like magic.This time with 8 pro we got manual mode under camera settings.

Pixel 8 Pro Camera got new feature-Pro Controls like DSLR
pixel 8 pro specs

A new leaked spec sheet of pixel 8 and 8 pro shows pro mode under pixel 8 pro camera features.One doesn’t use it much but photographers and enthusiasts are aware of it and requested google for this feature.This pro mode is only for Pixel 8 Pro.

The new sensors

Pixel 8 Pro will also feature a new ToF sensor for better focus and  ISOCELL GN2 can let in 35% more light than previous one.This clearly states pixel 8 pro will have better cameras than other pixels.

Google also added a temperature sensor which helps in non contact temperature measurements.

New camera features

Night sight for video which helps to record video in low light and adaptive torch which adjusts the flashlight intensity according to scene.

video unblur
video unblur

Video unblur-This feature helps to unblur a video which works similar to face unblur.Tensor G3 manages the video unblur task as simple as photo.

There is also a feature called segmentation AWB which divides the scene into parts and optimises it.

Pixel 8 Pro Specs

  • 6.7-inch screen
  • 1-120Hz refresh rate  LTPO
  • 48MP ultrawide camera
  • 48MP 5x telephoto camera
  • Pro camera controls 
  • Thermometer sensor 
  • New time-of-flight(ToF) sensor 
  • 4,950mAh
  • 12 GB RAM
  • 27W charging speed

Pixel 8 Pro launch on October 4th and available from October 12

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