More Ways to Experience Google AI on Android

 Gemini is the new AI assistant on Android. It uses Generative AI to help you be more creative and productive. Soon Gemini overlay will rollout to android devices which brings up Gemini Overlay on any app which allows us to use gemini in more ways. Today I’m sharing updates that let you experience Gemini AI on Android. 

Android is the world’s first mobile operating system that includes built-in ondevice foundation model.Google introducing latest model Gemini Nano with Multimodality starting with Pixel devices later this year. Android smartphones will soon be able to process text, sounds, spoken language and sights.


TalkBack with Gemini Nano’s capabilities is rolling out later this year. Talkback helps people with low vision or blindness by generating richer and clearer descriptions of the products. This update will fill in missing information like it may be family photo or friends or style of the clothes. All this runs on-device. 

Spam Alerts

Spam Alerts
Spam Alerts

More than $1 trillion will be lost by people in 12 months via online scams. A new feature is being tested by Google which gives a Scam alert during a call. For example, You got a call and the other person is asking to transfer funds or make payment via credit card or requests personal information all these are uncommon bank requests. Gemini will soon give you an alert. All this happens on device so your conversation stays private. We may expect this feature later this year.

Students Homework made easy with Circle to Search

Circle to search is introduced during samsung unpacked event. Later it is rolled out to many devices. Now circle to search can help students with their homework. When students circle a prompt they’ll get step-by-step instructions to solve a range of physics and math problems. Later this year Many updates are rolling out to circle to search which helps in solving complex problems involving diagrams, graphs, formulas and more. 

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