How to Set Cinematic Wallpaper(3D) on Pixel

Cinematic wallpapers are introduced in Google IO 2023. It took a while to roll out to all pixel devices. Still there are many users who haven’t received the update. Cinematic wallpapers add a 3D look to the wallpaper. I got this option on my Pixel 7A and Pixel 6A. 

Cinematic wallpaper option converts any photo into a 3D motion picture which creates an amazing animation look while locking and unlocking the pixel. It also gives motion to the wallpaper which looks like Live wallpaper. 

There are many live wallpapers available on Wallpaper and Style but making our pics into cinematic wallpaper gives a different experience while using the Pixel. 

I tried many photos(which i captured on my 7A) as cinematic wallpapers they look really amazing on my Home screen and locking and i also love the animation while unlocking the phone.

If you are wondering how cinematic wallpaper works and how to setup it,here is the detailed process.

How to Setup Cinematic Wallpaper on Pixel

To setup cinematic wallpaper all you need to do is

  1. Open Google Photos
  2. Select the photo which you want to set as wallpaper
  3. Click on menu icon(3 dots) on top right of the photo
  4. Select use as
  5. Now click on Use as Wallpaper
  6. Adjust the photo in Wallpaper and Style 
  7. Now on top right click on Stars icon
  8. Toggle on create cinematic wallpaper.
  9. It’ll take few seconds to create cinematic wallpaper
  10. That’s it you can click on cinematic wallpaper

You should drag and adjust the photo and then click on create cinematic wallpaper for better animation.

By Harish Reddy

Iam a huge fan of Google Pixel.The love towards pixel made me a part of this community.I write content on this blog regarding Google Pixel camera,updates,troubleshooting,beta updates and more..

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