How to Manually Update the Google Pixel Buds Pro

Pixel buds pro is my favourite. It has got a bunch of updates which made it much better and smarter. Check out my initial impressions of Buds Pro from here. Google releases firmware updates for the buds pro frequently. In this article let me explain how to manually update the Pixel Buds Pro.

How to Update Pixel Buds Pro

You can update the Google Pixel buds pro manually right from the app.To update follow these steps

  1. Open Pixel buds pro
  2. Connect it to your Pixel(Automatically connects when you open buds pro)
  3. Now open connected devices in bluetooth 
  4. Tap on settings icon next to the buds pro
  5. It’ll open Pixel buds app
  6. Open more settings 
  7. Click on firmware update
  8. If an update is available you’ll see instructions to install.

By following the above steps you can update the Pixel Buds Pro manually.

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By Harish Reddy

Iam a huge fan of Google Pixel.The love towards pixel made me a part of this community.I write content on this blog regarding Google Pixel camera,updates,troubleshooting,beta updates and more..

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