February Security Patch Rolled out to Eligible Pixel Devices

Google Rolled out February Security patch for eligible pixel devices.

Pixel devices are first to receive regular Security updates. Google gave up on fixed day for Android Security update but company still dropping security updates in the month. 

Today February Security update rolled out to eligible Pixel Devices starting from Pixel 5a. 

Update Build Number-UQ1A.240205.002 

Pixel 8 and 8 pro-UQ1A.240205.004.

Bug fixers and Performance improvements february 2024 update


  • General improvements for system stability and performance in certain conditions *[1]

Display & Graphics

  • Fix for display getting corrupted in certain conditions *[1]
  • Fix for issue with outer display in certain conditions *[2]


  • Fix for stability or performance with certain third party apps *[3]


  • General improvements for Wi-Fi stability and performance in certain conditions *[1]

The February Security bulletin is divided in to 2 security patch levels i.e February 1 and February 5.

February 5 Patch fixes 31 vulnerabilities in components from Qualcomm, Arm, Mediatek and Unisoc. 

How to Install february security update on Pixel

You can navigate to settings-System-System Update and check for updates.

By Harish Reddy

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