Big News for Pixel Watch Fans: Two Sizes Coming in Pixel Watch 3!

Google may launch a larger sized model in pixel watch 3. There are 2 sizes launching for Pixel watch 3. This is a major shift for Google as both Pixel watch 1 and 2 were only available in 41mm size.

What to expect from Pixel Watch 3 Sizes

More Options: The exact sizes haven’t been leaked but we can expect a larger Pixel watch 3 alongside 41mm variant. This is a big change that Pixel watch fans because it’s the main complaint in the

pixel community.

Bigger Display and Battery (Potentially):A larger display offering bigger display and also a bigger battery which improves user experience and battery optimization. Everyone expecting a sleek pixel watch 3 instead of larger bezels.

Wider Band Compatibility: 

If Google follows the trend of other smartwatch makers like Samsung, the larger Pixel Watch 3 might require wider bands, possibly 22mm compared to the current 20mm bands


Why This Matters

The Pixel watch is known for sleek design and its integration with Google, but the lack of multiple size options was a common complaint. Offering 2 sizes will make the Pixel watch 3 more appealing to a wider audience.

 According to some sources we may see a button-less Pixel watch 3 with new sensor technology that allows users to control the watch with gestures and touch controls.

By Harish Reddy

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