3 Tips to Improve Google Pixel Battery Life

Hey everyone,In this article i’ll share 3 tips to improve Google Pixel battery life which helped me a lot in getting full day battery backup with 6-7 hrs of Screen on time.I’ve seen a lot of pixel users complaining about poor battery life in Pixel.Here are the three tips to improve battery life.

Follow these 3 tips to Improve Google Pixel battery life

Google pixel uses Adaptive Battery which learns the way you use your pixel and it even remembers when you are charging your pixel,So don’t judge the battery backup of pixel at initial days of it just give it sometime,charge It with official google adapter only and also follow these three tips if you have a busy day and you’re expecting all day battery life with more than 7 hrs of screen time.

1.Ignore 5G use only 4G

use 4G for Better batter life on Pixel till the 5G is optimised in a better way

5G is still not officially covered in all regions and it also takes time for companies to optimise battery for 5G because of different modems.

The phone literally heats up a lot during 5G and you barely get 3-4hrs of screen time with 5G enabled.Many users complained about battery life on Pixel with 5G and they also stated that on 4G everyone gets decent battery life and also Pixel stays cool in 4G.

2.Switch to 60hz

Switch to 60hz for better battery backup
Switch to 60hz for better battery backup

Turn off higher refresh rate option.Using Pixel on 60hz will improve battery life a lot.Just turn off the :”Smooth Display” in display settings if you want the Pixel to last more.

3.Adaptive Charging

use adaptive charging

I’ve already mentioned above that Google Pixel uses adaptive battery where it learns the usage but there is other useful feature on Pixel i.e adaptive charging.

This feature charges your phone overnight with a slow and balanced charging.All you need to do is set an alarm,plug in Pixel to charge that’s it

Your Pixel charges to 80% at higher speeds and later fills the remaining 20% till morning. This is an amazing feature which also maintains battery health.Batteries struggle to fill  80-100% while charging so this feature helps a lot to maintain Battery Health.

I use all these 3 tips for my Pixel 7a. I’m getting an amazing battery backup.

My 7a lasts till day end with 15% battery and 7hrs of average Screen time.

If you’re facing any issues with Pixel join the forums and post your problems on googlepixelcommunity.com.

By Harish Reddy

Iam a huge fan of Google Pixel.The love towards pixel made me a part of this community.I write content on this blog regarding Google Pixel camera,updates,troubleshooting,beta updates and more..

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